What people say about Q&A chat game






'Played this game. Great!!! A surprising and fun way to learn more about yourself and eachother. I will surely give this game as a present to others.' (Margreet, owner horse riding school, Limburg, NL)

'A game unlike any other game I've played. Ever. I am so glad it is out and available. It inspires you to look at yourself and other players in a different way. I just love it!!' (Mieke, mama and coach, NL)

'We played this game with a group of friends and really enjoyed ourselves. You get to know eachother in a different way.' (review Spellenclub13, Belgium)

'This game is for everyone. It guarantees people finally really talk with eachother...' (Donáto, restaurant owner, Haarlem NL)

'After the game arrived in the mail, to my surprise my daughter of 15 and her friends were playing this game sooner than me!! They love it!!! And so do I...' (Jeroen, coach Diepgang cruises, NL)

'Our traditional sisters weekends have always been great, but playing this game together with the four of us surely added a new dimension being together. Next time we'll play it again!' (Monique, childrens teacher, NL)

'Cool game if you want to get to know eachother a bit better. You can play it with good friends but also easily with people you've just met. You learn to know them better by playing this game...' (Sem, professional drummer, Zaandam/Amsterdam, NL)

'So much fun to play this Q&A game. You can answer questions lightly, but you can also go deeper if you want. I've played it with friends and family. Both worked out great!' (Marjan, child therapy, NL)


'Really great fun this rainbow game. And after the first time I played it, I immediately thought of some other people I would also love to play it with.' (Jelka, beachclub owner, NL)

'We've played this game with our neighbours. 4 hours and 2 bottles of wine later they left and we absolutely had a great time together. Although we know eachother for a few years now, still we've heard things we didn't know at all...!' (Liliane, business management and mediator, Amsterdam area)

'First time I played it, was with my husband only (just the two of us) and somehow that did not work so well, but when we played it with a larger group it was magic!! The youngest player in the group was around 20 and the oldest 65 years of age. But everyone had a great time. The questions in this game are well chosen and add to the magic.' (Joke, mama, Vlaardingen, Rotterdam area, NL)